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We are so thrilled to announce we have been nominated as Best New Artist by the San Diego Music Awards. It's not lost on us that we can never qualify for this in the future.
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a photo of marlo and joshua from please ask for paul
Photo: Darci Fontenot

Please Ask for Paul is . . . .


Based in San Diego, California
Founded in 2023
Genre: indie rock dream pop 
Independent Artists

Marlo Smith - vocals & guitar

Joshua McCleskey - guitars

Sean Cox - bass

Jules Stewart - drums

Please Ask for Paul is an emerging indie music project led by Marlo Smith and Joshua McCleskey. Longing to express themselves beyond comfortable orbit, PAFP is the resulting spectral equinox between two kindred spirits seeking company within their songs. Propelled by their signature moon-jeweled vocals, atmospheric guitar, and driving rhythms, PAFP explores themes ranging from human intuition to scouting routes to the great beyond.

Joining Marlo and Joshua on this musical odyssey are bassist Sean Cox Briar and drummer Jules Stewart, each bringing their own noteworthy musical backgrounds and unique stylings.

Please Ask for Paul is thrilled to announce that their debut record "New Runes" was released October 20, 2023. Recorded with visionary producer Scott Seader, this eagerly anticipated album showcases their unique blend of celestial storytelling and expansive soundscapes. A second EP is already underway that will further unveil PAFP's existential songwriting and musical depth.



EP 'New Runes' released October 20th
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